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info2 Fine-tuning immunotherapy treatment by deciphering HLA-peptide T cell interactions Fine-tuning immunotherapy treatment by deciphering HLA-peptide T cell interactions THE PRECISION IMMUNOTHERAPY COMPANY keyboard_arrow_left

info2 Login page Alithea's HLA peptide database consists of 3000+ high quality HLA peptidomics samples from healthy organs, cancer cell lines and tumor tissue integrating a quantitative bioinformatics process facilitating the study of HLA peptide presentation in health and disease. keyboard_arrow_right Alithea’s HLA Peptide Database keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_left

1 Alithea’s highly sensitive and reproducible HLA peptidome characterization can support the development of a variety of therapeutic options especially in the immunotherapy space. 2 Target discovery and validation
HLA-presented peptides represent the natural target of TCR T-cell therapies and TCR-mimic antibodies. Also when developing vaccines, knowledge of which antigen-derived peptides are presented on HLA complexes can be required.
TCR T-cell therapy TCR-mimic antibody Vaccines
3 Quality control and safety
Several approaches for the induction of tumor-specific T cells have been developed. If the desired peptides, but not undesired peptides are presented on a patient's HLA alleles are important quality and safety determinants. Alithea's CONZOOM technology is especially suited to answer these questions.
4 Immunogenicity assessment
Therapeutic proteins such as antibodies, can be immunogenic in patients. This applies not only to protein therapeutics but also to CAR T constructs and any other gene therapy product that is translated to a protein.
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Neozoom Neozoom: revolutionizing neoantigen discovery
Neoepitope-targeted therapies such as cancer vaccines and TCR-engineered T cell therapy are currently some of the most promising novel therapies.

Exact knowledge of which neoepitopes are presented by tumor cells are essential. Classical mass spectrometric strategies are limited by sensitivity or throughput and can rarely detect any neoepitopes.

Alithea’s NEOZOOM™ strategy was developed to increase sensitivity and detectability of neoepitopes and clearly outperforms classical strategies.
Conzoom Conzoom: revolutionizing targeted epitope discovery
During target discovery and quality control of certain immunotherapies, it is of interest to idetify and quantify presentation of epitopes from specific genetic elements of interest.

Our CONZOOM™ technology allows to scan for gene- or construct-derived epitopes in high sensitivity and allows to optimally design follow-up experiments to profile T cell subsets by tetramers or ELISPOT assays.
Immzoom Immzoom: revolutionizing immunogenicity assessment
A risk in the development of therapeutic proteins is the generation of high affinity anti-drug antibodies (ADA). After treatment with therapeutic proteins (Antibody, other protein drug and even CAR T-cells), it is possible that the patients' immune system responds to the drug and neutralizes it reducing efficacy of the treatment.

By assessing HLA-presented peptides, it is possible to study these immune processes. IMMZOOM allows for highly sensitive and reproducible detection of drug-derived antigens presented on HLA class II complexes.
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